Monday, August 1, 2016

Games Are Fun To Learn From

Serenity hoping Nicola doesn't get a line (rarangi)

Playing games and especially when it comes to mathematics is a lot of fun and a lot of learning!!!  At the same time the students are able to accomplish the our goal of working as a T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)

And the winner is....

Life Skills With Sport Taranaki

Room 8 have been enjoying their time with Sport Taranaki learning a range of attacking skills - catching and throwing, through a range of fun games.

Who can get the cone first?

Watch out don't let that ball cross the line!

Catch me if you can!

Trying to get the ball to Sam was difficult! Great defence skills Nicola!

Waiting with excitement for the game to begin!

Mapping Skills...

Lots of learning to read the index and using it to help locate different towns and cities of New Zealand.  Students were able to explain to each what longitude and latitude were and how these coordinates can help them find the towns and cities.

Once again fantastic pair working Room 8!!!

Brilliant learning taking place in our class!!!

Nicola & Tu trying hard to use the index to locate towns and cities

Great pair working Phaelyn & Aidan

It's Cross Country Time!

Great to see all the students are showing loads of enthusiasm by taking part in our practices for cross country.  They've all set personal goals and are trying hard to achieve these!

Smiles all round during our whole school cross country practice

Doing a great job Lita, Brilee & Jorja!

Wow keep it up boys!!!

Bianca trying hard to achieve her goals at cross country!

Class Scavenger Hunt...

Students enjoying our maths scavenger hunt which included all kinds of problems related to maths.  Another important aspect was working well with each other to solve these.

For example: Count all the cushions.  They are four corners on each     cushion.  How many corners altogether?

Nicola carefully counting all the cushions in our class.

Lydia having fun counting the books on the 3rd shelf then subtracting 17 to get a final total.

Brilee & Aidan double checking they haven't missed out any window panes - 43 in total!

Jack & Keda taking their time to count all the keys on the computer keyboard.  They had 3 keyboards to work out the total .

Monday, May 16, 2016

Year 8 Design Technology

Making sure it's perfect!

Brilliant careful sawing Miss Eva!

Jack busy at work!

Year 7 Food Technology

Serenity and Keda carefully peeling their apples!

Great team work boys!

Lots of apple cutting - great job Brilee & Lita!

Mania carefully getting her measurements right